Install performance Point 2007 on Windows 2003 SP2

I faced this problem while installing performance Point on a Virtual Environment that has windows 2003 Service Pack 2 installed

to do this you need to execute the following command in your Run prompt

msiexec /i PscSrv.msi SKIPOSCHECK=true


Installing PerformancePoint Monitoring Server on a Domain Controller

1. If you are using a domain account, you must add it to the Administrators and IIS_WPG groups before installing the Monitoring Server. You don’t need to do this if using Network Service (recommended).

2. To add a domain account to the appropriate groups: Use Start\Administrators\Active Directory Users and Computers:

a. Add it to the Domain Administrators group Add it to the IIS_WPG group

3. Install the Monitoring server MSI using this command line:

a. msiexec /i PscSrv.msi SKIPOSCHECK=true


BIDS Helper

  CodePlex has just released a new version of the BIDS which is a tool that extends the BI Development Studio with a large set of features found below from Code Plex





To install BIDS Helper, download the installer from the Releases tab.
If for some reason you cannot use the installer the latest release includes an xcopy deploy option.

The Data warehouses and the Average of Averages

Currently working on a project that uses Data entry screens as a Data source for users. The Data will be polled from an Operational Database to the Data warehouse in Quarterly bases and users Enters the values of the KPIs in Quarterly Bases Only

The Problem is if we have a Measure that is calculated using the following Formula (A+B)/C . What Should I store in the Data warehouse is it the Actual Value or the value of each metric alone.

Anyone faced this design before. If yes Any Ideas?

Performance Point : Programmatically Create a new Scorecard

Working with PPS programmatically requires an understanding on the PPS Web Services

Below is the first blog entry to help other on working with PPS programatically to do some actions

void CreateScoreCard ()


        Scorecard scorecard = new Scorecard();

        scorecard.Guid = Guid.NewGuid();

  /////////Even the following Lines are optional,

  ///If you didn’t enter a name for the scorecard it will be created with an empty name

        BpmPropertyText NameProperty = new BpmPropertyText();

        NameProperty.Text = "The ScoreCard";

        scorecard.Name = NameProperty;

        //To publish the scorecard on the server



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Ralph Kimball vs. Bill Inmon

I came Across this wonderful comparison between Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon in the way data marts Should be built I decided to share it on my blog for your reference

Areas of agreement

  • Consensus on need for solid business requirements and end-user validation
  • Agreement that it is rarely feasible to build an entire warehouse at once – incremental development with a focus on high-priority elements
  • Conformed dimensions are desirable
  • Warehouse data needs to be tracked as atomically as possible
  • Star schema is most desirable format for data marts

Areas of differences

  • Bill Inmon
    • Approach is known as Top-Down, or Corporate Information Factory
    • Warehouse data should be stored in a centralized relational structure
    • Dependent data marts should be created from central warehouse
      • These data marts will employ star schemas
      • Additional transformations may be employed between the warehouse and the data marts
    • ODS is used for transaction level detail with little to no history

Inmon Kimball

  • Ralph Kimball
    • Approach is known as Bottom-Up, or Kimball Bus Architecture
    • “… The data warehouse is nothing more than the union of all the data marts …”
    • Conformed dimensions are the glue which unite disparate data marts, while Inmon maintains conformed dimensions within centralized relational structure
    • ODS may be integrated directly into warehouse

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Office 2010 Features List

I came across an amazing list of features from Office 2010 I decided to publish it here for reference

Here’s what is known, at this point:

Microsoft officials are continuing to decline to comment on Office 14’s timetable or feature list. Nonetheless, there have been a few bits of information about O14 which have gone public. Among them: