Performance Monitoring Important Counters things you need to keep an Eye on

I believe this will be a long thread of posts discussing each one of the below Counters and why do you need to know more about them.

Memory – Available MBytes
Paging File – % Usage
Physical Disk – Avg. Disk sec/Read
Physical Disk – Avg. Disk sec/Write
Physical Disk – Disk Reads/sec
Physical Disk – Disk Writes/sec
Processor – % Processor Time
SQLServer: Buffer Manager – Buffer cache hit ratio
SQLServer: Buffer Manager – Page life expectancy
SQLServer: General Statistics – User Connections
SQLServer: Memory Manager – Memory Grants Pending
SQLServer: SQL Statistics – Batch Requests/sec
SQLServer: SQL Statistics – Compilations/sec
SQLServer: SQL Statistics – Recompilations/sec
System – Processor Queue Length


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