How to Install Reporting Services In Integrated Mode after SharePoint

  1. Click the Start button

  2. Click the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products group.

  3. Right-click SharePoint 2010 Management Shell click Run as administrator.

  4. Run the following PowerShell command to install the SharePoint service. A successful completion of the command displays a new line in the management shell. No message is returned to the management shell when the command completes successfully:


  5. Run the following PowerShell command to install the service proxy:


  6. Run the following PowerShell command to start the service or see the following notes for instructions to start the service from SharePoint Central administration:


    get-spserviceinstance -all |where {$_.TypeName -like "SQL Server Reporting*"} | Start-SPServiceInstance

You can also start the service from SharePoint central Administration rather than running the third PowerShell command. The following steps are also useful to verify that the service is running.

  1. In SharePoint Central Administration, click Manage Services on Server in the System Settings group.

  2. Find SQL Server Reporting Services Service and click Start in the Action column.

  3. The status of the Reporting Services service will change from Stopped to Started. If the Reporting Services service is not in the list, use PowerShell to install the service.


Stacked Bar chart Component Windows Phone 7

I was in a Process of Building a windows Phone 7 Dashboard for my Team, and I came across a requirement of building a Stacked bar Chart so I started looking for ready made Components as free tools or paid to do this for me, most of the components I found where very very expensive and too slow when added them to my application because it contains soo many features that I didn’t want so I thought why don’t I design mine

I’ve attached Here my Project that contains a Single Stacked Bar Component I hope it will be helpful for others.

The Charting Components