Oman – Open Door

Thanks for those who attended my Sessions in Open Door Oman, It was a very exciting event with lots of people who are interested to know more about technology.

I’ve posted my Presentations slides to the following URLs feel free to download them if needed

The Azure Platform Presentation

What’s new In T-SQL

The BI : Break Though Insights


Ralph Kimball vs. Bill Inmon

I came Across this wonderful comparison between Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon in the way data marts Should be built I decided to share it on my blog for your reference

Areas of agreement

  • Consensus on need for solid business requirements and end-user validation
  • Agreement that it is rarely feasible to build an entire warehouse at once – incremental development with a focus on high-priority elements
  • Conformed dimensions are desirable
  • Warehouse data needs to be tracked as atomically as possible
  • Star schema is most desirable format for data marts

Areas of differences

  • Bill Inmon
    • Approach is known as Top-Down, or Corporate Information Factory
    • Warehouse data should be stored in a centralized relational structure
    • Dependent data marts should be created from central warehouse
      • These data marts will employ star schemas
      • Additional transformations may be employed between the warehouse and the data marts
    • ODS is used for transaction level detail with little to no history

Inmon Kimball

  • Ralph Kimball
    • Approach is known as Bottom-Up, or Kimball Bus Architecture
    • “… The data warehouse is nothing more than the union of all the data marts …”
    • Conformed dimensions are the glue which unite disparate data marts, while Inmon maintains conformed dimensions within centralized relational structure
    • ODS may be integrated directly into warehouse

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