Know your SQL Hardware Info

When It comes to database engine it’s not recommended by all means to allow admins and users to connect using Remote desktop to the database Server to do anything so By Default SQL Server includes a large set of DMV (Data Management Views) to help you with your required admin configurations

Below is for me 1 of the most important Queries that will give you an overview of your Server Hardware status

   1: Select 

   2: (cpu_ticks/1024)/1024 as CPU_Ticks_MB,

   3: (ms_ticks/1000) as Ticks_in_Sec,

   4: cpu_count,

   5: hyperthread_ratio,

   6: (physical_memory_in_bytes/1024)/1024 as RAM,

   7: (virtual_memory_in_bytes/1024)/1024 as Virtual_RAM,

   8: max_workers_count,

   9: os_priority_class,

  10: bpool_committed as MemoryCommitInBufferPool


  12:  From

  13: sys.dm_os_sys_info